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May, 13th

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Setting goals is easy, knowing your priorities to achieve them takes patience and discipline. We can help you improve both.

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Students at TSD  learn the values of: 

Respect, Honor, Confidence, Discipline, Honesty


"The kids and I joined this martial arts school at the beginning of the year. We have been really enjoying ourselves and the kids are flourishing in the dojo. I was in martial arts for about 14 years (then took a 12 year break :0) ) and have always been blessed to have excellent instructors.

I have been very picky about the martial arts schools I was going to send my kids to and I have been extremely happy with Sensei Blue. So if anyone in the Green Bay area is thinking about having their kids try martial arts, I would highly recommend taking a look at Sensei Blue's dojo."
John Carnell

Check the other schools out first ask their prices from start to finish. All the schools and instructors want the same for the students. We don't hide a thing and our Instructors have a proven track record for success both in and out of the Martial Arts School (Dojo). If your Dojo isn't transparent don't ask them to change. Rather come and change your style to fit your life. Honesty starts on the mat and should grow.

The Time is Now. 

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