I train in the Martial Arts, for self-defense, to protect myself, my family, my friends, only.

Herb Blue's Total Self Defense LLC 

Wu Ying Tao

Wisconsin's Finest Martial Arts facility:


2737 North Packerland Drive

Green Bay, WI 54303


[email protected]


Sensei Blue:  530-945-4534

Wu Ying Tao

"The Formless Way".  Created around 1968 by Grand Master Sijo Bruce Terrill.  Blended from Kong Su Do "Karate" and Wing Chun "Kung-Fu" that focuses on strategy and function for a very practical version of unarmed self-defense.  The Wu Ying Tao  system covers 4 ranges of fighting; kicks, punching, close range/knees & elbows, throws and ground fighting.  In Wu Ying Tao, function is significantly more important than form.

Required Gear:

  • Gi (uniform), Kicks, gloves, shin guards, mouth guard, groin protection*, and head gear.
  • Mini Ninjas - gear required beginning of 2nd month of membership.