Your safety is our Number One Priority

Herb Blue's Total Self Defense LLC 

Workplace Self Defense

Employees from these Green Bay Employers have participated in our Workplace Self Defense program.

Workplace Self Defense

“It’s about valuing yourself and having the confidence to say, ‘I will survive this no matter what!’ Self-defense is 10% skill and 90% will. We help empower and by doing so rebuild better employees.”

Lunch and Learn

Don't have time to do a full workshop?  What about a Lunch and Learn?

30 minutes of Instruction

  • Multiple Skills Demonstrated

20 minutes of Interaction

  • Up to 3 Skills taught and applied

10 minutes of Investigation

  • Question and Answer Time 

For adult Men and Women of all activity levels.  Invest in the safety of your employees and your company will be stronger.

Employees are more productive when their basic needs are met.  Safety is a basic need.  Employees will also learn to communicate more effectively in stressful situations.


For more information or to schedule an event at your facility or ours.

Call: Sensei Malueg at (920) 737-5417