I train in the Martial Arts, for self-defense, to protect myself, my family, my friends, only.

Herb Blue's Total Self Defense LLC 

Workplace Self Defense

Employees from these Green Bay Employers have participated in our Workplace Self Defense program.

Workplace Self Defense

“It’s about valuing yourself and having the confidence to say, ‘I will survive this no matter what!’ Self-defense is 10% skill and 90% will. We help empower and by doing so rebuild better employees.”


Witness individuals in our group improve, with minimal training and maximum growth in the following:


·  Adaptation


·  Confidence


·  Communication


·  Empowerment


·  Motivation


·  Decision Making


·  Leadership



For more information or to schedule an event at your facility or ours.

Call: Sensei Rawlins at (920) 737-5417

Team - Building

Individuals are exposed to chaotic and life-changing scenarios. Team members adapt with the support of the group while overcoming challenges.


·  Enhanced Productivity


·  Creativity


·  Confidence to Contribute


·  Effective Communication


·  Collaborative Team-member