I train in the Martial Arts, for self-defense, to protect myself, my family, my friends, only.

Herb Blue's Total Self Defense LLC 

Martial Arts for Athletes

Betsy Rawlins, BS, BSN, RN 

I was able to play soccer from a very young age, through high school and in college with a Division I team.  I was successful and learned to work with a team and push others to help our team do better.  

When I combined what I learned from soccer with what martial arts has to teach me, my life has taken off.  My career benefits from the skills I train in with the martial arts.  The confidence and ability to stay on a goal and succeed only comes with the training and dedication that martial arts training has shown me.

Give your student athlete the life skills that can help them succeed not only in sports but also in life.  

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And yes, I still play soccer and train in Martial Arts.

Nate Wallenfang 
Titletown Select, Inc.

As an administrator and former baseball coach, the incorporation of Herb Blue's Total Self Defense programming into our baseball and softball team instruction at Titletown Select has been a substantial success.  Creation of the total athlete does not end at sport specific training, rather needing to develop multiple aspects of the athlete.  Utilizing Herb Blue's "Martial Arts for the Athlete" classes, our baseball and softball players have stepped outside of the standard realm of instruction and into training that will be beneficial for them not only in competition, but in life, overall.  

This training provides three stand-out positive aspects applicable to our athlete, let alone any athlete:  discipline, neurocognitive development and cross-training.  During these classes, Sensei Blue and Sensei Rawlins preach respect, self-control and confidence which is helpful during athletic competition and leadership promotion.  Neurocognitive, or brain to physical movement training, is supported through the various training activities that these classes implement, assisting in our players ability to understand spatial concepts which can be beneficial in the fast-paced games of baseball and softball.  Finally, the utilization of many different muscle groups which occurs through the cross training aspect of these classes help develop a more well-rounded physically supported athlete, less likely prone to injury due to the utilization of limited muscle groups from repeated sport-specific training sessions.

If you are a coach or a sports program administrator, I would highly recommend utilizing the Martial Arts for the Athlete class provided by Herb Blue's Total Self Defense as a fresh, fun and innovative way to train your athletes.  We have enjoyed our experience thus far, and will continue to incorporate this into our programming permanently.