I train in the Martial Arts, for self-defense, to protect myself, my family, my friends, only.

Herb Blue's Total Self Defense LLC 


Leaders Academy

Be more than the average person.  Set your sights on a goal and achieve it.  

  • Respect yourself  
  • You deserve your best life.
  • You are worth it

Leaders Academy

Sessions start every 4 months and include:

  • 2 Martial Arts Classes per week
  • 1 discussion per week
  • Discussion Group Online
  • Other Assigned Readings

Witness improvement in the following:


·  Adaptation


·  Confidence


·  Communication


·  Empowerment


·  Motivation


·  Decision Making


·  Leadership


How does this work?

Martial arts is building confidence with effective communication. It harnesses the mind body and spirit to reach ones potential. The mind becomes more aware of choices, able to adapt to any situation with calm and focus.  The body develops new skills and flexibility. The spirit, that willingness to try is engaged and the individual becomes passionate and motivated.

Leaders are the self-starters, great teachers, and first to lead by example.  The Leaders Academy is working with individuals to guide them towards their full potential.


The program involves physical training at least twice a week. The mind is developed through discussion boards and face to face, private and group conversation. The spirit is challenged to expand during both the physical and mental training.

Success Stories

Betsy Rawlins RN, lost 90 pounds and has kept it off as well as doubling her salary since training in the Martial Arts with Sensei Blue.

Aaron Maternowksi DBA, lost over 60 pounds and is conquering fears since training with Sensei Blue.

Kris Schmidt, NRA Firearms Instructor