I train in the Martial Arts, for self-defense, to protect myself, my family, my friends, only.

Herb Blue's Total Self Defense LLC 

Best Defense for Kids

Best Defense for Kids

To have us come to your school for a class, please contact us at 920-737 5417.

An Interactive class about bullying and abduction

Next Class

Hosted by McArthur Heights Neighborhood Association

April 28th, 2018 1pm-2pm

Contact: Sam Bartels

Hosted by Girl Scout Troop #4059

April 29th, 2018 1pm-2pm

Contact: Janine Hadzima

Our Mini-Warriors learn to empower themselves with ABC's™ of Self Defense:

  • A – Walk AWAY
  • B – Be in Action
  • C – CONTROL Yourself
  • D – DEFEND

These few easy to remember steps are combined with humor and sensitivity for serious situations.

Participating Elementary Schools