I train in the Martial Arts, for self-defense, to protect myself, my family, my friends, only.

Herb Blue's Total Self Defense LLC 


Quotes I have taken a lot of defensive pistol classes and never have I walked away from any of them feeling as empowered or capable of being able to defend myself as I did when I was finished with your women's self defense class. I am 100% sure that if I am ever attacked I will be able to defend myself, especially in situations where I don't have my firearm with me. This is training that every woman needs to have. Thank you so much for an amazing experience!!!!! Quotes
Kris Schmidt

Quotes Great people and valuable lessons. We love your classes at Streu's and can't wait to have you back. Quotes
Jolene Griggs
Streu's Pharmacy and Bay Natural

Quotes The kids and I joined this martial arts school at the beginning of the year. We have been really enjoying ourselves and the kids are flourishing in the dojo. I was in martial arts for about 14 years (then took a 12 year break :0) ) and have always been blessed to have excellent instructors. I have been very picky about the martial arts schools I was going to send my kids to and I have been extremely happy with Sensei Blue. So if anyone in the Green Bay area is thinking about having their kids try martial arts, I would highly recommend taking a look at Sensei Blue's dojo. Quotes
John Carnell

Quotes Thank you so very much for your time and training you brought to our students in the area of self-defense and protection of their personal dignity. We appreciate your time with us. Quotes
Mrs. Wilinski
Principal ABVM

Quotes A "huge" thank you to Betsy and Herb for coming out to Pulaski High School on Friday night to teach 19 of our girls techniques in self-defense. It was an awesome experience and very valuable information to know/learn in today's world. Thanks again we appreciate it very much! Confidence and empowerment goes a long way!!! Quotes
Kathy Janssen

Quotes I know everyone LOVED it! the entire class and presentation was filled with humor and sensitivity for the seriousness and purpose of self-defense, which made a perfect and very professional combination. Quotes
Ellen Wanek
Women's Self Defense - Sheboygan WI

Quotes When I walked into Sensei Herb Blue?s Total Self Defense School in 1992, I was looking to add some discipline and self defense techniques into my workouts. I had no idea of what was to come. I learned so much about myself and what I could do when given the opportunity to learn and practice new things. I found that I loved being involved in the martial arts lifestyle. The classes, the practice, the sparring, the practice, the demonstrations, the practice, the competitions, the practice and the camaraderie with the fellow martial artists lead me to earn my First Degree Black Belt in Wu Ying Tao. I would not be the confident, fit and determined woman that I am today without my experience with Sensei Herb Blue. I am forever grateful. Christine Turvey Quotes
Christine Turvey
First Degree Black Belt in Wu Ying Tao

Quotes I have had the pleasure of training with Sensei Blue for many years; starting at the age of 15 in 1988. He is an amazing teacher and person. Since moving from the area, I have worked with several outstanding instructors over the years, but none come close to measuring up to the years spent with Sensei Blue. Anyone who has a chance to train with this great man is truly a fortunate soul. Quotes
Jason Carmichael
Guro Carmichael

Quotes Last night I went to train with BJ and Carli. Carli patiently trained for 2 hours, sat quietly while daddy and I trained for an hour, and did yoga with us for another hour (she truly is a mini warrior!). She taught me what I needed to know to earn a white belt in her style of martial arts. I wasn't planning on working on two but she was so enthusiastic! How could I resist? I am trying hard to take advantage of all opportunities that are positive to show her that a good attitude is all you need to lead a happy fulfilling life. It's working out quite well for me in the meantime 😎 ? with Melanie N Brent Chapman at Herb Blue's Total Self Defense. Quotes
Melanie Chapman
Enthusiastic Student

Quotes Sensei Blue is not only a wonderful karate instructor, he's a wonderful man. When my husband and I, both Deaf, joined his classes, he learned American Sign Language for us, even signing up for our college classes. He's at the top of my list of great people. I envy all of you and wish he'd return to our hometown. Quotes
Jaye Marie Brown